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Country Holidays

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Country Holidays Information:

Four countries make up the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The public holidays popularly known as bank holidays are a debatable subject in the UK as not every country agrees to the definition that constitutes such a holiday. Most of these holidays are influenced by culture, religions, and the specific country’s history.

The UK has 16 public holidays, out of which only eight are uniformly celebrated in all the four countries. Most of the uniform holidays are religious related. For instance, England and Wales often celebrate certain holidays that are not considered bank holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some countries have special days where it is a day off to all employees, and this is in addition to the UK bank holidays that are observed throughout the UK. During the specific country holidays, most businesses, schools, and organizations are closed. However, most employers are not obliged to give complete off days for all the holidays.