Good Friday

Good Friday

When is Good Friday 2022?

Good Friday Ceremonies

The Good Friday UK holiday is believed to have once been called God’s Friday or Holy Friday. Good Friday is treated as a day of mourning in the UK as Christians mourn the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The holiday is observed two days before Easter Sunday and, in most cases, coincides with the Jewish Passover Holiday.

When is Good Friday 2021?

Every year, Good Friday falls on a different date, but it is always two days before Easter Sunday. The date is marked on the first weekend after the first Full moon but never before March 22nd. Good Friday 2021 will be celebrated on April 2nd.

Why do we call it Good Friday?

Although the goodness of such a mourning time may be difficult to understand, Good Friday is good because it is holy. According to Christians, Jesus Christ’s death on this day saved them from sins. Despite the dark events that occurred on this day in history, Christians see it as a blessing to them and thus a Good Friday.

Is Good Friday a bank holiday in the UK?

Good Friday is a recognized bank holiday in the UK. Although it is followed by Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, the two are not bank holidays. However, Easter Monday is a bank holiday in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland but not in Scotland.

What is open and closed on Good Friday, UK?

Although a bank holiday, most shops, supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants remain open on Good Friday. However, most businesses and organizations observe the bank holiday and thus close business for the day. Government offices, banks, and schools do not open on Good Friday.

The transport system mostly runs as usual, but there is likely to be congestion on the roads because many people go out of town during the four-day Easter weekend.

Things to do on Good Friday in the UK?

Ever since the nineteenth century, Good Friday and Christmas Day were the only universally granted days of leisure to the working people. That means that there are a variety of things to do on Good Friday in the UK.

Many churches often hold a special communion service either in the morning or at 3. O’clock as that is the time, Christians believe that Jesus died. These services last three hours, and you can take part in Good Friday prayers, the dramatic Bible readings, or be part of the procession of witness carrying a cross through several streets before getting back into the church. Bear in mind that this time is considered a mourning period, and churches are not decorated in any manner. In fact, some churches even cover pictures and statues.

Because of the different dates that Good Friday can actually fall on, the weather can also be different from one Good Friday to another. If it snows, take advantage of it and head to the Alps for a skiing holiday. However, if you prefer to enjoy warmer temperatures, a weekend getaway to France or Spain can be great for you.

Good Friday is also a great time to indulge in warm, spicy, and fruity hot cross buns. It is a Good Friday tradition as it reminds Christians of the cross that Jesus was crucified on. If you are in London, you can check in the Widow’s Son pub where there’s a hot cross bun ceremony that takes place every Good Friday.

As you plan to have fun, please note that some activities are prohibited on Good Friday in the UK. Some towns do not allow gambling, while others consider horse riding illegal.

What are the Good Friday Alcohol laws?

For many years, selling alcohol during the Easter period was restricted. Today the law only remains in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, alcohol is only served between 5 pm and 11 pm on Good Friday. In the Republic of Ireland, however, the alcohol restriction ban was lifted in 2008 after scrapping a law over 90 years old.

Can you eat meat on Good Friday in the UK?

Many restaurants are often offering Good Friday Deals, and there is no better time to eat out than now. However, most of them may not be serving meat. Christians believe that meat of any land animal should not be eaten during the lent period and on Good Friday. This is a worthy sacrifice because meat is associated with festivities. You can, however, eat fish as it is not considered a land animal.

Good Friday Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 29 Mar Fri Good Friday
2023 7 Apr Fri Good Friday
2022 15 Apr Fri Good Friday
2021 2 Apr Fri Good Friday
2020 10 Apr Fri Good Friday
2019 19 Apr Fri Good Friday

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