Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes Day

When is Guy Fawkes Day 2022?

Guy Fawkes Day Celebrations

Guy Fawkes day is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night. The day is observed as an annual celebration of the gun powder plot's failure meant to blow up the Houses of parliament.

When is Guy Fawkes Day?

Guy Fawkes Day is marked on November 5th across the United Kingdom. The holiday commemorates the day Guy Fawkes was arrested for being part of the group that plotted the blowing up of the houses of parliament.

Is Guy Fawkes Day a bank holiday?

Guy Fawkes is neither a bank holiday nor a public holiday. Schools, organizations and even the public transport system go on business as usual.

What is the history of Guy Fawkes Day?

The Guy Fawkes holiday dates back to November 4th 1605. According to history, there was an attempt to blow up the Parliament houses in London. It is believed that the attack was organized by a group of Catholic conspirators who were against the lack of religious tolerance under King James I. The plan was to assassinate the king and his parliamentarians during the state opening of the parliament on November 5th 1605. According to Catholics, this would have been the beginning of their uprising.

The conspirators prepared for over one year, and 36 barrels of gun powder was stored in the House of Lords. Unfortunately, the whole plot was leaked through a secret letter that persuaded Lord Monteagle not to attend the parliament on that day.

A massive hunt was later conducted. It saw Guy Fawkes, one of the perpetrators arrested while guarding a cache of explosives in a cellar near the House of Parliament in London. Guy, together with seven other suspects, were convicted of treason, tortured and later executed in January 1606.

The parliament then established Guy Fawkes Day as a national day of Thanksgiving following King James I survival against the assassination plot.

Why Guy Fawkes Mask?

The Guy Fawkes Mask was stylized by David Lloyd as a depiction of the man who was the mastermind behind the blow-up plot at the house of parliament. The mask became popular in the 1980s after it was used in the movies V for Vendetta, which depicted the protagonist wearing the Guy Fawkes Mask while battling a fascist government in Britain.

Things to do on Guy Fawkes Day?

Guy Fawkes Day comes at the end of Autumn, and this makes it a great time to light bonfires and set fireworks. Burning bonfires on Guy Fawkes night is a tradition that dates back on the night of November 4th 1605. King James 1 allowed his supporters to burn bonfires in celebration of the failure of the assassination plot. Most people tend to light bonfires in their own gardens and invite friends to pass the evening away. Some municipalities organize larger bonfires at communal spaces or set fireworks in the local parks.

Considering Guy Fawkes proximity to Halloween, some people tend to organize combined parties for the two holidays. The parties borrow aspects from both festivities such as bonfires, spooky outfits, and foods like toffee apples and ash baked potatoes.

A visit to Guy Fawkes Inn York can also be a great way to mark this day. The medieval inn stands at the exact spot where Guy Fawkes was born in 1507. Besides having a meal at the inn, you can tour nearby attractions like the York minister, The Hilt, and the Shambles.

Some Catholics tend to be a bit restrained in their celebration for Guy Fawkes Night. This is in consideration that Guy Fawkes was a catholic who was tortured and executed in his quest to have a better catholic uprising in Britain.

Guy Fawkes Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 5 Nov Tue Guy Fawkes Day
2023 5 Nov Sun Guy Fawkes Day
2022 5 Nov Sat Guy Fawkes Day
2021 5 Nov Fri Guy Fawkes Day
2020 5 Nov Thu Guy Fawkes Day
2019 5 Nov Tue Guy Fawkes Day

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