St Andrews Day

St Andrews Day

When is St Andrews Day 2022?

st. Andrew's day Celebration

St. Andrews's Day is a national holiday observed in Scotland and often celebrated with feasts across the country. This day is also called Scotland's National Day, and it marks the feast of Saint Andrew. The holiday is seen as a time to celebrate and support the Scottish culture all over the world. Variations of the holiday are also observed in Russia, Poland, Austria, Romania, and Germany.

When is St. Andrew's Day?

St. Andrew's Day is marked on November 30 every year, and that is according to many Christian churches. However, if November 30 falls on Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday is moved to the next Monday.

Is St. Andrew's Day a bank holiday?

St. Andrew's Day is only a bank holiday in Scotland but not in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. It was declared a bank holiday by the Scottish Parliament in 2006. Banks are, however, allowed to open if they wish to. The bill to make St. Andrew's holiday was made in 2003 but was rejected because an extra bank holiday would have a negative effect on the Scottish economy. In 2006 however, the St. Andrew's Day Bank Holiday Act 2007 passed the proposal with the agreement being that it would replace another bank holiday. The first St. Andrew's Day was observed on November 30, 2007.

What is open or closed on St. Andrew's Bank holiday?

The amount of disruption on St. Andrews's day varies. Schools, government offices, and organisations are closed, but some businesses are likely to open. Public transport may run as usual or adopt the holiday timetable.

Who is Saint. Andrew?

He was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. He was also the brother to Saint Peter, another disciple of Jesus Christ. St. Andrew was born in Bethsaida on Lake Galilee and worked as a fisherman before following Jesus Christ. He is believed to have died bound on an X shaped cross in Greece, and this shape is now engraved in the Scottish flag.

The link between Scotland and St. Andrew dates back to 832AD. It is believed that King Óengus II made a promise to God. Óengus II begged God to make the Scots and Picts win the battle against Angles, and if that came to be, he promised that he would make Saint Andrew the patron saint of Scotland. This happened to be, and Óengus II fulfilled his promise.

What are St. Andrew's Day traditions?

St. Andrew's Day is mainly all about celebrating Scottish culture. Scots mark this date with Scottish food, recitations, music, dancing, and many other aspects. Food is primarily a big part of this holiday. Traditional St. Andrew's food includes haggis, Cullen skink, neeps, lamb, and tatties. Ceilidh is a famous Scottish country dance often played on St. Andrew's Day. Various events are also conducted across Scotland, and Scottish folk music played with a mix of modern pop music, dancing, and storytelling. It is also a tradition for Scottish people to wear a traditional iconic kilt when attending these events.

Things to do on St. Andrew's Day?

There is unlimited St. Andrew's activities to take part in this holiday. You may decide to visit the saint's namesake town along the Fife coast. The town of St. Andrews has a lot to offer. From rolling landscapes, traditions, history, and some of the best St. Andrew spas. Here you will explore St Andrews Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world. Don't forget to shop for some St. Andrew crafts mostly sold along the streets of this beautiful town.

Whether you are a Scot or not, wearing the traditional Scottish kilt on this day can make you feel like a true Scot at heart. So, wear a kilt and paint your face with the traditional Scottish flag and celebrate this day in style. While at it, watch a Scottish film or simply listen to some of the greatest Scottish musical talents.

Better still, invite family and friends in your home and throw a St. Andrew's feast for them. You can indulge in traditional Scottish food such as Haggis, Porridge, Black pudding, and of course, whiskey.

St Andrews Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 30 Nov Sat St. Andrew's Day
2023 30 Nov Thu St. Andrew's Day
2022 30 Nov Wed St. Andrew's Day
2021 30 Nov Tue St. Andrew's Day
2020 30 Nov Mon St. Andrew's Day

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November 30, 2022

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