St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day

When is St Patricks Day 2022?

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St. Patrick’s Day is sometimes called the Feast of St. Patrick marks the death of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron in the 5th century. The holiday dates back over 1500 years ago. The earliest recorded celebration was in 1631, and since then, the day has been celebrated every year since 1903 when it was officially declared a holiday.

When is St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17th every year. The holiday aims at celebrating Saint Patrick, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. The holiday has, however, evolved to become a celebration of Irish culture across the globe.

Is St. Patrick’s Day a bank holiday?

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a bank holiday. In 1903, the Bank Holiday (Ireland) Act declared St. Patrick’s Day a bank holiday. If the Day comes on a Sunday, the observance is moved to the following Monday. This holiday is, however, not a bank holiday in England, Wales, and Scotland.

What is open or closed on St. Patrick’s Holiday?

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a festive occasion that sees most of the businesses and schools closed for the day. Due to the various parades across the country, traffic and parking are often affected in towns where the events are taking place.

What is St. Patrick’s history?

Saint Patrick was one of Ireland’s patrons. His birth is not precisely known, but many people believe that he was born in Britain before his kidnapping at 16. He was taken to Ireland, where he lived for six years, working as a slave before escaping. He later returned to Ireland as a missionary and spread Christianity in the country. A popular legend suggests that he drove snakes out of Ireland, and religious theorists have translated snakes as druids, pagan worshipers, and serpent gods. Saint Patrick then died on March 17th around the year 493 and was buried under Down Cathedral in Downpatrick., Ireland.

Luke Wadding, an Irish scholar, is believed to have made St. Patrick’s Day a real observance through his persistent efforts. Wadding, an advocate in Rome for Irish Catholics, advocated for St. Patrick’s Day to be part of the church calendar and become to be recognized by the Vatican.

What are St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

St Patrick’s Day is popularly known for the rich Irish culture, such as parades, shamrocks, and many other symbols representing the Irish traditions.

The Shamrock is clover-like plants consisting of three leaves. It is said to symbolize the rebirth of spring and a symbol of the emergence of Irish nationalism in the 17th century. According to a legend, St. Patrick used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans. Many people, therefore, choose to wear green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day. However, this trend started in the 19th century since the original St. Patrick’s colour was blue.

The Leprechaun is an icon of the Irish culture, and they refer to small-bodied men who can use magical powers to serve either good or evil. Some people believe that if you catch one of these fairies, then he will grant any of your three wishes. Some people like to dress up like wily fairies to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Although the holiday has its roots in Ireland, it is celebrated in many parts of the world. However, Ireland hosts the longest celebration, which is full of a week of festivities , and crowned with the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin. The parade is all pomp and colour, and it passes through the historic city centre lead by international bands displaying vivid St. Patrick Day crafts. Indeed you don’t want to miss this event.

Many people hold parties at home featuring a variety of Irish food and drinks. It is common to see most of this food dyed in green colour as green has become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day. The children often indulge in sweets while the adults enjoy beer.

Similarly, most Irish restaurants and pubs are open to serving Irish food and drinks to people who wish to eat out. The most common Food variety includes Irish brown bread, Irish potato soup, Irish cream chocolate mousse cake, Guinness pie, among others.

If you wish, you can attend a pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Purgatory. Since the 13th century, this journey has been associated with spiritual healing and penance. The destination is at Station Island in County Donegal where it is believed that St. Patrick had a vision promising pardon of sins to those who came to the sanctuary for repentance and faith.

St Patricks Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 17 Mar Sun St. Patrick's Day
2023 17 Mar Fri St. Patrick's Day
2022 17 Mar Thu St. Patrick's Day
2021 17 Mar Wed St. Patrick's Day
2020 17 Mar Tue St. Patrick's Day

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March 17, 2022

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This Year Sunday, 17 Mar, 2024
Last Year Friday, 17 Mar, 2023
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