Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays

2023 Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays Information:

Religious plays a crucial role in every community, and that is often the cornerstone on which societal customs and traditions are built. Religious observances and festivals are usually upheld to strengthen these customs.

The UK is home to different religions. From Christians, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Sikh, and Buddhists. For this reason, employers and their employees need to come to an understanding of how religious holidays may affect their workplace.

Although some festivals may apply while the employees are at work, employers are not legally obliged to grant leave requests on religious grounds. However, employers may opt to grant permissions, but this is cautiously done to ensure a balance at the workplace.

Most religious festivals and holidays occur on a set date every year, but many others occur at different times each year. Phases of the moon, the timing of the solstices and equinoxes, determine the dates on which the festivals occur.

Here is a list of the Religious holidays in the UK as per the Gregorian calendar. The information is accurate as far as we know, but some dates may change regionally as the lunar calendar determines them.