Boxing Day

Boxing Day

When is Boxing Day 2021?

Boxing Day

Boxing Day originated in England back in the middle ages. Boxing Day got its name from Queen Victoria when she was on the throne in the 1880s and not from sporting activities, as many tend to think. In Ireland, the holiday is also called St. Stephen’s Day, while in most European countries, it is celebrated as a second Christmas Day.

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day comes after Christmas and falls on 26th December every year. When it falls on a Saturday, Boxing Day is usually moved to the next Monday. If it falls on a Sunday, then it moves to the following Tuesday.

Is Boxing Day a bank holiday?

Boxing Day is a bank holiday across the United Kingdom. All schools, organisations, businesses and banks are closed on this date. Some may even close the whole week for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

What is Boxing Day?

The name Boxing Day is believed to originate from a time when the rich and prominent in the society used to give boxed gifts to the needy. In the early days, it was a day off for servants and the day when they received special Christmas gifts from their masters. The servants would take the boxes to their families, and together, they would open them at home. The holiday has religious connections in Ireland, where it is called Saint Stephen’s Day.

Another popular theory states that the name has a reference to charity drives. In the early days, a box would be placed in churches on Christmas day to collect money for the poor. This box would be opened the next day, hence Boxing Day.

Things to do on Boxing Day?

Although the spirit of gifting servants has faded today, people still celebrate Boxing Day with similar jubilation. Most people prefer spending the day with family and friends as they indulge in Christmas leftovers at home.

The open retail stores offer great Boxing Day Sales, and this day turns to be one of the major shopping extravaganzas in the country. Some people spend part of the night and early mornings queuing to be among the first to get into the stores when the bargains begin.

This is a good time for a new home makeover as you get ready for the new year. The stores are usually offloading stock ready for the new year, which means better bargains for the citizens.

Boxing Day is also very popular with sporting events. A few years ago, fox hunting was prevalent among the upper class, but the sport has since been outlawed. You can, however, attend or participate in other activities like horse riding, football, and cricket. Most British also enjoy showing off their eccentricity in silly activities like bizarre traditions like fun runs and swimming the icy cold English Channel.

You can also continue with the tradition of giving gifts by donating some food and essentials to a charity. Homeless people would appreciate donations of clothes, toiletries, and of course, this would make them happier as the new year starts.

Some people also enjoy the outdoors by walking in the crisp winter air. You can try the Snowdonia range in Wales, the Peak District in the English Midlands, The Lake District in Northern Ireland, or just walk around the local streets.

Boxing Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2021 26 Dec Sun Boxing Day
2020 28 Dec Mon Boxing Day (substitute day)
2019 26 Dec Thu Boxing Day

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