May Spring Bank Holiday

May Spring Bank Holiday

When is May Spring Bank Holiday 2022?

Spring Bank Holiday

The Spring Bank Holiday is sometimes referred to as Late May Bank Day, given that it falls at the end of May. The day became a holiday in 1967 after it replaced Whit Monday as a public holiday in the UK. The move was welcome, considering that Whit Monday was not only disrupting exam schedules in Summer, but the Holiday was also not recognized in Scotland.

When is Spring Bank Holiday?

Spring Bank Holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in May. Besides the UK, Spring Bank Holiday is also celebrated in Gilbrator, Jersey, and Isle of Man as a public holiday. Initially, the day fell on the Monday after Pentecost which used to be a Christian holiday commemorating the day Holy Ghost descended on Jesus Christ and his disciples to mark the end of Easter season. However, the Banking And Financial Dealings Act of 1971 moved the Holiday to the last Monday of May.

Is Spring Bank Holiday a bank holiday?

Spring Bank Holiday is a bank and a day off for the general public in the UK. The Spring Bank Holiday celebrations have however been changed a couple of times. In 2002, it was moved to June 4th, to give people a long weekend to celebrate 50 years since Queen Elizabeth II accession to the throne. A similar move was made in June 2012, to have the Holiday coincide with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bank Holiday.

What is open and closed on Spring Bank Holiday?

Like any other bank holiday, business is on low key on this day. It is a day off for most workers, schools, banks and the majority of businesses are closed. The few shops open often offer Spring Bank Holiday deals and sales, thus allowing the public to acquire gifts for loved ones. The public transport system is still in operation but runs on a holiday timetable.

Things to do on Spring Bank Holiday breaks?

For most people Spring Bank Holiday is a time to relax and take a break from work and school. Others prefer taking traditional whit walks, catching up with family and friends or simply doing their own home maintenance. The air is often aromatic with BBQ and the atmosphere bears the scent of summer. There are plenty of picnic parties and children activities in the local parks while the pubs and eateries enjoy a flock of people having fun on their day off.

If you are yearning to go out, there are plenty of activities and celebrations held across the country.The most famous celebration is held on Cooper’s Hill in Brock worth. Usually, a 9lbs Double Gloucester shaped cheese is rolled down the steep and concave hill. Although the cheese can reach speeds of up to 70mph, people often continue chasing after it. The winner is the person who gets to cross the finishing line at the bottom of the hill first and for that he gets the wheeled cheese as the prize. If you are feeling energetic enough, you may plan on attending this event.

You may also attend any of the numerous festivals and carnivals that run on this Holiday. Some include the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, Street Feast of Kingston Road and Canalway Cavalcade. The choice is all yours on the one you wish to attend.

May Spring Bank Holiday Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 27 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday
2023 29 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday
2022 30 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday
2021 31 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday
2020 25 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday
2019 27 May Mon Spring Bank Holiday

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